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This was a special requests from a guy called Anders. He sent me a facebook-message wondering if I'd make this for him, and he wanted to buy it. We agreed on the price 300NOK - $50, £32, €40.

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Hama Beads Haul + FAQ!

In my Hama Collection Video with tons of views I get a lot of questions where I get my beads. I answer every one, but I figured, just in case those of you who read my blog as well wonders, I would share a haul with you!

 Here is the bag full of beads and the bottle-beads. The brand of those are Photo Pearls, which is a Swedish brand. I got those in Oslo at a hobbystore called Panduro. You can also check their Store Locator on photopearls.se for stores and online shopping opportunities. 
Photo Pearls is actually made for making digital pictures into bead-art. You can buy individual bottles and refills like I did - or starter sets with the Photo Pearls Software and beads.

 In the bag was a ton of Hama Beads. I had bought ceveral colours.
L-R: Orange, White, Yellow, Light Brown, Light Blue, Flesh
L-R: Gray, Purple, Blue, Black, Light Green, Pink.

I got these from ceveral places, because not every place has all colours. 
The stores I used are Brio in Gran, Libris in Brandbu, Sparkjøp in Hønefoss and Panduro in Oslo.

Here in Norway, almost all regular toystores have Hama Beads. The Photo Pearls are harder to come by because it's not meant for children in the same way regular Hama/Perler beads are.
The prices vary from 11.50 NOK to 19.50 NOK for the bags with 1000 beads, and the Photo Pearls were 39.00 NOK for a bottle of 3500 beads. 

Then, I just want to clear something up; perler, hama, pyssla, photo pearls...
They're all the same thing, just under diffrent names and brands. When all comes to all, they are all small plastic beads which can be fused together with an iron.

And if you read all of that, congratulations :D


Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris!

Colours used:
Light Brown

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