New: Search Tool/Bar

Decided to add a search-tool for you guys, so on the right side, almost at the top you can find a small search bar where you can search this blog for tags, titles and so on. 

As an examle, if you want to se a sprite of mario, search for it, but also things that has to do with mario will have the tag, so the coin box, the one-up star, the flesh-eating flower etc.
I hope this will  make it easier for you guys to find what you are searching for here!

If there are any other things you think I should add/remove or change in order for this blog to become more search-friendly, please let me know =)

Thank you so much for reading!
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Thank you again!

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That's all, I promise!


Batman Logo

Isn't this kind of cool?

Colours used:

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