Do you want to see videos?

As you might know, I'm also making hama videos on youtube. So the simple question is: 

Do you want to see the videos on here, or should I keep this strictly pictures? 

It's all up to you! :)

The videos I have put up, and are going to put up are tutorials on different characters like Hello Kitty, Mario/Luigi, Yoshi etc, how to iron the beads and how I make my pixelart and other things that I come up with or is requested by you guys as well as collections/overviews! I hope you take the time to respond to this. 

I mean, I know I just have 3 followers, but I can see from my statistics that there are a lot of people stopping by every day, and it would mean a lot too me! So far I've had over 11 thousand views and only 6 comments, and I would like to know that you like what I'm doing here ! Thanks <3

This is the tripod I use to film my videos. It was really cheap, and I adore it!


  1. I like the videos. With the pictures you provide, the normally show all the beads....so the video isn't always necessary...but for me...they are always appreciated. thanks

    1. I see :) I'm thinking instead of posting them as separate posts, I'll include them in the post with the pictures... What do you think ? :)